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What We Do

Off-Market Properties

We are in the streets finding the hidden gems not listed in any database but found as a result of good ole fashion leg work, pavement pounding and handshaking. We do all of the dirty work for investors looking to maximize their time and efforts.

Long Term Relationships

Our goal is to build long term, mutually profitable relationships with our Clients. Our furture is built by helping you build yours.

Investment Consulting

We share with our Clients our knowledge and experience in NYC real estate investment. We guide our clients through the process and present effective strategies and methods for growing your portfolio.

Commerical, Multi-Family & Mix-Use Properties

Looking for an income generating property with little need of capital improvements? We can find exactly what you're looking for, with the right debt to equity ratio and cap rate to make a high return on your initial investment.

First Time Investors

Sorting through the many investment opportunities can be an overwhelming process but is crucial in making a sound investment. We can assit the first time investor in deciding on type, location and resonable budge while providing you access to properties not listed on any online database.

Fix & Flip Properties

Are you a fix & flip investor seeking properties in need of your special developer's touch. We can find you rehabable properties in desireable areas, with a great price to value ratio.

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